Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Geauga Fresh Farmers Market

I think I may have a problem... I have become obsessed with farmers markets. I love everything about them. I love the smell of basil that wafts through the air. I love the sight of people, both young and old, trying new foods products and smiling once they've found something delicious and new. I love hearing each of the vendors proudly talking about why their produce or bakery is the best.

I don't like to play favorites but, this market in South Russell Village has been one of the best. They had something for everyone. The vendors were so friendly, generous, and informative.
So, the rest of this post is pretty much going to be pictures which speak for themselves.

Jack's Mountain Farm- Amazing peaches both red and white

This vendor, Maplestar Farms, informed me that there are over 30 varieties of garlic ranging from mild to spicy. I chose a spicier Chesnock Red variety.

Mackenzie Creamery- OMG!

These are different varieties of goat cheese including Honey Sweet Fire, Blue, Fig, Blueberry Lemon and Black Truffle. Try the "Blue" on a burger.

Sorry, didn't catch the name, but, aren't they pretty?

Cake Kisses!

These tomatoes would make a beautiful Caprese Salad with all the variety of color!

More explosive color from Sleeping Dragon Botanicals. These were only $6... not bad.

Rock Valley Run CSA Farm. I tried a new fruit! Ground cherries! These are a combination of a tomatillo and cherry. So delicious!

Sand Farm LLC- Grass fed beef

Lots of lettuce from Great Lakes Growers

My farmers market bag is full but happy. I might have to give up my cute bag for a less stylish rolling cart.

Oh, one last vendor I need to mention...speaking of cute and stylish... This is not a food vendor, but, I thought her jewelry was amazing. I am so sorry I do not have a picture. However, you can check out her lovely creations at http://www.jlynncreations.etsy.com/ or just take a trip to South Russell Village.

FYI.... Geauga Farmers Markey will be having a tomato tasting contest on Sept 9th and a salsa tasting contest on Sept 23rd.

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