Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frostville Farmer's Market

So, my tour of farmer's markets in Northeast Ohio continues. I would like to introduce one of the new kids on the block.... The Frostville Farmer's Market. It is located in the Cleveland Metropark Rocky River Reservation in North Olmsted, Ohio. The market is in its first year as of May and seems to be booming! What a beautiful setting for buying food! I'm so excited. Manager, Rae Endreola, explained that there may be different vendors from week to week which increases the variety of products you will see. There is also live music and speakers presenting on topics such as healthy cooking and gardening.

This was my favorite vendor this week! He pulled up in his pick-up with a giant load of melons in the back. He had just picked them that morning and they were so ripe that I could stick my thumb through the cantaloupe with little effort. (Don't try this at Giant Eagle, you might hurt yourself.)

Interesting fact.... Did you know food travels an average 1300 miles before it reaches our grocery stores. Therefore, most of the produce is selected for its "durability" rather than its freshness and nutritional value.

What a gorgeous, colorful presentation of melons!
(Probably not durable, but who cares!)

More beautiful presentations at this floral stand.

This was one of the local farmer stands which is a CSA(Community Supported Agriculture). Speaking of CSA's... I hate to stray from the topic at hand, but, has anyone had a great experience with any of the CSA's in the area? I would be interested in hearing as some of my friends have had mixed reviews.....

A friendly maple syrup vendor......

One of the really cool things about this particular farmer's market is its location at the Frostville Museum. I've lived minutes from this museum most of my life and never knew it existed. Of course it took food to get me here.

Frostville is a "living history" of 19th century Ohio.

These building are preserved by over 100 volunteers in the Olmsted Historical Society

More lovely sites for all you history buffs.

There are some upcoming fetivals and events listed on the website,, including a Festival of the Arts on Sunday August 14th. So, check it out.

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