Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I am about to join the legions of other bloggers to recap 2011 and some of the resolutions I had set last year at this time. It just needs to be done. I must come full circle and evaluate how I did..... And Yeh! I think I achieved a lot! I am pleased with myself and I hope anyone that is reading this is feeling hopeful and refreshed now that a new year is starting. I love that we get another chance every year to better ourselves. I am ready to let go of past disappointments and fears. The new year is a time to move forward with new aspirations and reach for them.... even if it means falling down a few times.

So, here's my recap...... I promise to be brief.

1. To continue to cook often and with a focus on good health and locally purchased ingredients. Check. I still love to cook. My explorations this past summer of local farmers markets was so inspirational!
2. To learn to take better pictures for my blog. Well..... not so much. BUT, I just got a Bloggie camera for Christmas which should improve the picture quality and efficiency(I hope).

3. To explore different types of exercise. I continue to love and make progress in my yoga practice. I joined Inner Bliss Yoga studio which I can't say enough about. The instructors there have really helped me to connect with the spiritual aspect of yoga. Making that mind-body connection has made it more meaningful for me. Living in the present(even if its just for that 1 hour) has brought more stress relief and serenity into my life. Also, I tried cross-country skiing. It was my goal to try to find something fun about winter. I live in Cleveland. The snow is not going away, so, might as well embrace it. I can't wait to try some new trails this year!

Also, helped to organize a walking club with some co-workers which culminated at the American Heart Association walk last August.

4. Spent some great quality time with these guys. My son is now towering over me and has doubled my grocery bill with the amount he eats, so my time with them is growing shorter. We had some great trips! We ate our way through Savannah. See us below chowing on low-country boil.

We hiked and white-water rafted in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania!

5. I also made more of an effort to become more financially secure. This is scary territory for me but I took steps to improve my financial future and was able to put some money into home improvements which included my entryway below. The wallpaper before was not pretty. Now, the foyer feels like my own little art gallery complete with Cleveland photography from Local Girl Gallery in Lakewood.

6. Worry less. This will always be an ongoing process for me. I come from a long line of worriers. But, as long as I try to fill my life with good people and the things that I am passionate about. There will be less space for the negative.

7. Volunteering. I fell down on this one, but, I am still hopeful!


It feels like our world has become so much more complicated over the last couple years. I have noticed that many people are keeping things simple when they discuss their new year's goals. And I am totally on board with that. My biggest aspiration for this year is just To Be More Kind. I want to be more kind, not only to strangers in the grocery store, but, mostly to the people that our closest to me. This will make the greatest difference.....


to cook with this thing..... the Green Egg. Our new Christmas present.

It is amazing and it is going to help my husband and I combine his love of grilling and my love of healthy cooking.

Here is the first creation of 2012. Bourbon glazed salmon from Earth Fare taken on my new bloggie camera(how did I do?)

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  1. Where to begin...
    First-what the hell is a green egg?? Second, Yay for a new camera! I dropped mine xmas morning & its a little screwed up now. I am dreading buying a new one, so I hope maybe I can fix it. LOVE the home improvements! I am shopping for words for above the living room door as we speak (great minds & all). What else? Yay for yoga! I need to commit! Don't worry so much-everything always works out, doesn't it? Lastly-don't forget about drinking more wine with Tina :)