Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm back in 2011!

Hi fellow bloggies! Happy New year! Its a sunny day at the start of a new year and I am feeling inspired. I just put away all of my Christmas stuff and at the risk of sounding like a scrooge, it felt so good to take down all that crap. Its time for fresh starts and new goals. But first, I feel the need to apologize in regards to my lack of blogging. I'm ashamed to say that my last post was in November(boo!). I think I started to feel discouraged by lack of readers, the time in took, constantly taking pictures of my food, etc..... But now I realize that this is just something that I need to do for me. It helps me to keep on track with eating well, cooking more, and seeking out other wellness opportunities. Plus, I learn so many great things from all of you bloggers! That cliche about getting right back up on the horse after you fall is so true. We are too hard on ourselves... a slip up does not equal failure. Why do we often feel like quitting when we just have simply gotten off track a bit?

Here are some of my goals and hopes for the year 2011....

  1. Want to continue to cook often trying diverse and healthy new recipes and ingredients.

  2. Want to learn to take better pictures of those foods for the blog(may involve a new camera).

  3. Want to keep exploring different types of exercise. Varying your exercise, not only helps you use different muscles, but, also helps prevent boredom. I want to make exercise more about feeling good and boosting my seratonin levels rather than just about how I look. Although that part is always nice, too.

  4. I am celebrating the fact that I have just paid off a huge chunk of debt and I intend to become more financially savvy this year. Hope to make some home improvements with that extra cash flow.

  5. Want to spend more quality time with my kids as they are growing up too quickly. The 4 of us will take turns picking out 1 family event each month(In December we visited the Christmas Story house which was really fun!) We will also take a family vacation to really get away from it all.

  6. Want to worry less about everyone else(this does not mean caring less) so that I may have more serenity for myself. The only person I can work on is me.
  7. Want to do more for others by volunteering. I really believe happiness can best be achieved in service to people who are in need.

Science tell us that it takes about 21 day to break or form a new habit. So, if you are trying to diet or exercise daily, stick with it throught the first 3 or 4 weeks. One website I intend to visit(just read about it in Family Circle), is They have an assortment of programs ranging from weight loss and smoking cessation to programs that will help you learn to enjoy being in the present. It assists you by providing daily tips and encouraging E-mails. Sounds interesting!!!!

I am off to try a new yoga class at Studio 11 in Tremont(no time like the present). Hope you guys keep cooking, running, and being the dynamic foodies that you are! I would love to hear about any good ideas you have for 2011. Be well.