Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can I Have Some of Your Tots???

Last weekend I had a chance to go visit the town of Oberlin since I was at the college for my son's swim meet. And I can't believe that I haven't ventured out there before. It's only 30 minutes away from my house and so quaint. The town has a great book store and quirky five-and-dime. I also spotted some candy and ice cream stores that would be great to visit in the summer. Being my usual foodie self, I had to explore my restaurant options before I headed out there and settled on a restaurant called The Feve. I highly recommend it. One thing I love about college towns is that you can always find delicious, fresh and adventurous food! And that I did.

They had me at Magic hat #9 ( my favorite beer in the world). But they had my daughter at TATOR TOTS! That's right... a menu of homemade tator tots. These tots were a far cry from the frozen, reheated tots I overdosed on in college. The menu included spicy tots, cuban tots, stinky tots, Megan tots, and fresh garlic tots..... just to name a few. Did I mention the dipping sauces. Fun! There were at least 20 different sauces. My daughter and sister could not resist quoting tot lines from Napoleon Dynamite. That joke never got old.

I made a huge blunder and lost the only picture I had of my tots and the delicious spinach pie in filo with feta cheese. Sorry! I did get a picture of my sister's burger above which may have been the best burger I have ever tasted(seriously). There was an extensive variety of burgers as well. The menu had a nice list of salads and sandwiches that grabbed my attention such as the coconut curry chicken salad in a pita. You can visit to view the menu. As for the tots, I guess you will just have to conjure up an image of the tastiest tator tots ever and dream until you too take a roadtrip out to The Feve in Oberlin.


  1. Ok, lots to say. 1. I want to check out Oberlin College someday, but I want to read that book first that you told me about. 2. I love tater tots & I had some last night! 3. When my dad was selling his house, the head cook for the college came to look at it & told me all about their fresh farm food! Their food program sounds amazing! 4. I really hope one of my kids can go there someday. D is too science-y, Bubba, well, let's hope college is in his future at all. BabyGirl is all artsy, so I have my hopes pinned on her!

  2. Adventures food indeed! I live in Akron, and have actually never been to Oberlin. This place sounds good. I'm glad I found your blog!

  3. 1. Tina.... Someone told me if you live in Oberlin your kids can attend for free. Not sure if that is true or not, but, I think the tuition is like 50K per year so you might want to move now before baby girl gets there.

    2. Hi Dina! Thanks for your comments!

  4. Have you been to Oberlin?? I mean away from the college. No offense to them, but I think we'll looking into other options. Haha. Maybe she'll be brilliant and get a scholarship. Again, maybe we'll keep looking!