Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taste of Tremont

I think I've had just about enough Cleveland bashing to last me a lifetime since this Lebron thing has happened. Since my husband is always listening to radio talk shows(usually sports-related),I get to listen to all these jackasses from other cities sympathize with LeBron about why he would possibly want to stay in a city such as Cleveland. Well, I'll tell you why.... take a look at these beauties! Tremont is quite possibly my favorite area in Cleveland. I'm not sure a lot of people from other cities make this a stop when they come to visit. We have a lot of well-kept secrets here. This is St. John Cantius church where we had a bite to eat on the steps...

Remember the movie The Christmas Story? Well, the house from the movie is in this neighborhood. This is my sister admiring some lovely leg lamp mini lights for her home next Christmas.

A Greek-like statue lady posed in front of one of my all-time favorite Tremont bars.
O.K. Enough of the sight-seeing. Its time to view the main event which was the Tremont food!

We tried some Lobster Gazpacho from the Southside! This was wonderfully refreshing on such a hot day. It was a little lite on the lobster, but, Gazpacho is so good and healthy I barely missed it!

Next, we mosied on over to Fahrenheit and has some Chinese Chicken Salad which was a beautiful combination of cabbage, roasted chicken, mango, and wasabi peas mixed in a light sesame dressing. I have to admit that I really wanted the loaded chips below it which were homemade potato chips with goat cheese and bacon. However, in keeping with the name of my blog... "skinny eats Cleveland", I behaved myself. I wasn't sorry. The chicken salad was good.

Isn't it pretty????

Lastly, we sort of fell off the wagon and got some pizza at Lago. At least it was vegetarian. It consisted of artichokes, olives, and goat cheese. Yummy! Oh, and this restaurant also has a Vegetarian Monday night event which I hope to attend one of these days.

So all in all I would say that it was the perfect culinary adventure day in Cleveland! It even ended up with a rainbow over my house. Bet you don't see many of those in NYC....


  1. This is a great recap. I'm glad you documented it - I'm living vicariously through everyone's blogs since I couldn't go this year :( Looks like you got some tasty stuff!

  2. I wanted those loaded chips SO badly!! But I couldn't justify standing in the very long line in that heat. We'll have to go back on our own, I think...