Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Night at the Ballpark

Last night B and I had a date to go watch the Indians beat the Yankees. B's a bit of a diehard when it comes to the Indians(got to give him credit for his perseverance). I tossed around the idea of finding healthy dining fare at the ballpark, but this could prove to be too much of challenge. So, we decided to make a stop at Johnny Mango on the way to the game.

Now, I know there are many mixed reviews on Johnny Mango. But, I am here to defend it. I think it is, hands down, one of the healthiest restaurants in Cleveland. I love the laid back, unpretentious atmosphere and fresh fruit drinks which are actually juiced as you order. Here are some more reasons I love it!

I love that this menu changes daily and the fresh produce comes from down the street at the Westside Market. The grapefruit margaritas were phenomenal!

I had the steak salad which is more salad than steak. Many cultures around the world understand this healthy concept... more vegetables and less meat. This is key to a heart-healthy, lean diet. The salad had big chucks of grilled vegetables. The flank steak was well-prepared and served in a citrus-peanut dressing.

I think this picture is beautiful! Only you foodies could appreciate garbanzo beans as a work of art. B ordered the tomato, mushroom, and garlic quesadillas(big plate). The big plate always includes the grain of the day, tangy slaw, and the "happy beans". Fresh salsa is served on the side.

This is what was left of B's meal.

Onto the game! Cleveland was looking lovely tonight.

Cleveland wins 4 to 1! Sorry Yanks.

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  1. Nice date night! Is it appalling that I honestly didn't even realize its baseball season?! Well, I'm sure your husband would be appalled anyway! I know you love that place, obviously lots of other people do too since its still open. Sadly, I am not one of them.