Monday, June 28, 2010

Kamm's Corner Farmers Market

Yeh! Farmers Markets Rule

My friend and fellow blogger, Tina, and I braved the oven-like temperatures yesterday in search of more delicious food jems in our favorite city.... Cleveland! We found some great stands including White Family Farm which can be found on You can pick some of your own produce here. I picked some great blueberries last year and they are in season right now so hurry up and go there! The farm is a bit of a hike in Auburn Township, but, the location is beautiful. It's worth it I think.

My next favorite stand was Hooper Farm and this picture below is the reason..... Dear Old Dad's hot pepper relish. I guess you would call it a relish. Its not a jam, so yes, I'm calling it a relish. This stuff was sold out. I'll definitely go earlier next time so I can purchase some. It was great on homemade pita chips which were out for sampling. At first it was sweet and then followed with a slow burn. Very tasty!

But my favorite discovery of the day was The Olive Tap!!! This can be found on The "olive tasting emporium" is located in Medina, Ohio just 30 minutes south of Cleveland. Their is also a stand at the Crocker Park
farmers market on Saturdays. Anyhow, I felt like we had are own personal tasting emporium right at the stand. John, the owner, let us taste about 10 different oils and vinegars. Some of the one's that stood out in my mind were the mandarin orange infused oil, the strawberry infused balsamic vinegar, and the pear and spice infused vinegar. Imagine the salads you could create with those babies. Or forget the salad, they are great on ice cream says John(my new friend). I also tried a mushroom and sage infused olive oil which, I swear, tasted like Thanksgiving. Anyhow, I'll stop now. The price on most of the bottles was around 15.00. This stand was definitely worth the trip to Kamms, so, go check it out.