Sunday, May 16, 2010

It was a beautiful day at The Hooley on Kamms Corner yesterday! This was the first of an annual festival celebrating the rejuvenation of the Kamms Corner neighborhood which is on the westside of Cleveland. The street scape and the the new(and old) businesses looked great. There was a huge turnout and the weather couldn't have been better(yes, Cleveland has its days). A new Kamms Lager was unveiled and the event reminded me of a mini St. Patrick's Day celebration. I am looking forward to the Kamms farmers market which will start on June 6th.

I was hard pressed to find any healthy activities going on, but, I did go over to the Jasmine Bakery. This place is a well-kept secret and I love it! If you ever wanted to follow the Mediterranean diet plan for good health, this would be the place to shop. They have jugs of beautiful green colored olive oil at great prices. They also have my favorite which is a triangular shaped spinach and feta pie that is usually still warm. There are also large bags of freshly baked pita bread. My friend spotted some red lentils for a dish she has been meaning to try. There are bags of seeds for snacking which were endless. In a refrigerator in the back are containers of hummus and tabbouleh which are some of the best I've tasted. They also have containers of baba ganouj! Don't be afraid of baba ganouj. It is a roasted eggplant which is pureed into a low calorie and tasty dip. It resembles hummus, but, has a subtle smoky flavor that is delicious. Get a bag of pita chips to go along with it.

The owner was a bit leery of us taking pictures in his shop. He asked me if I was a cop! After he warmed up to us, he was extremely generous and helpful. He brought out a giant bag of a spicy nut mixture which he sells in bulk. It will be a new favorite in my house. Here are a few pictures from the Jasmine Bakery....

Spicy nut mixes you can buy in bulk

Spinach and feta pies are the best!

Lentils anyone?

Jugs of imported olive oil

My Friend Tina in front of Jasmine Bakery


  1. Hi there! I just came across your blog through the network. As a native Clevelander, I just love the title:))) Looking forward to following you. I've been watching my nutrition lately and need all the inspiration I can find:))) You can find me at Love the pics especially those olive oil jugs!! Looks like a great trip to Jasmine Bakery:))

  2. Hey Madeleine! I'm so excited... your my first out of town follower. Charleston is such a great town, too. If you have to leave Cleveland, Charleston is a great place to live(and eat) also. Look forward to reading about you and running. That has always been a goal of mine to take up running. My daughter is now a cross-country runner and I have to keep up with her ya know...