Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dinner at Home

This is what it looked like around here on Saturday night. I try to be proponent of you, dear Cleveland, but on nights like this its damn near impossible for a sun lover like me. The cold and snow have been absolutely RELENTLESS! So, we stayed in and cooked using items we had purchased that day at Costco. Anyhow, on the brightside, I found some great tasting and easy products which would make a quick (meatless) weeknight meal.

First, I boiled these delicious spinach and 3 cheese ravioli's. I really liked the consistency of this ravioli because the dough seemed thinner than others I have tried.

Usually, I like to make my own sauces, but, this jarred sauce was truly delicious at about $4 per jar. Plus, I didn't have to fight with the butternut squash like I have in the past.

It is chalk full of vegetables such as butternut squash, tomatoes, red pepper puree, beets, etc. No artificial flavor or colors involved. The product is also gluten-free.

Added some leafy greens to round out the meal. I love Trader Joe's Tuscan Italian salad dressing.

If I have to stay in... I guess this will work. Enjoy.


  1. Mmmm, I love spinach & cheese pasta! And I'm completely over winter now & ready for spring!

  2. We wanted to have a date night on Saturday night: go out shopping, then dinner, then maybe a movie... then the snow started. BAH! Turns out we should have come over your house for dinner! Looks fabulous.

  3. What a miserable looking night - but an oh so delicious dinner!