Saturday, October 23, 2010

Borderline Cafe...... Best Breakfast

Hi! I know I've been out of commission for a while in the blogging world. I've been busy with good stuff. Most of my fall weekend mornings have been occupied with fall sports. There is nothing like a crisp morning and a hot mug of coffee while cheering your kids on in a beautiful park somewhere in Northeast Ohio. That's my daughter below running cross country. I'm so proud that she is a runner and I'm proud of all you bloggers out there that take on running as adults. My husband has also returned to his running roots and is getting up daily to run before work. I'm impressed and happy that he is taking control of his health. Your accomplishments as runners inspire me daily.

Although I'm not a soccer Mom, I am a soccer aunt. There's my nephew below. He's the one pushing everyone aside with the flaming hat. You gotta love the girl in the pink with the matching pink shin guards. That would have been me back in the day.

After all of this grueling spectating, what else is there to do but eat. This morning we went to one of my favorite breakfasts places called the Borderline Cafe. For those of you who are not familiar, it is located in Lakewood, Ohio. Kelly Wright is the owner and they have been around now for 17 years! That is some staying power. She serves breakfast with a southwestern twist. She told me that the restaurant is due for an update, but, I still love the quotes stenciled on the wall from artists like Jewel, the Guess Who, and John Denver. They all have to do with breakfast.

This is one my favorite items on the menu.... the vegetable burrito.

Its is full of black beans, eggs and vegetables all wrapped in a spinach tortilla. For those looking to lighten-up, you can order any of the breakfast foods with egg whites.

Just a little word on the benefits of breakfast(for my friends out there that like to skip this meal)....
Did you know that research shows those who eat breakfast have better attitudes at work, increased productivity, and do better with tasks that involve memory? And did you know that those who skip breakfast are more irritable, tired and restless? And for you runners... breakfast eaters have more strength, endurance and problem-solving abilities. O.K. I'm done. Happy eating.


  1. Look at your girl! And the flame hat is hilarious! I wonder who picked that out...

    And I assume your breakfast comment is aimed at me. I'm not offended. Haha.

  2. Yes, you. I'm taking you out for breakfast next, instead of dinner.