Monday, September 13, 2010

Crop Bistro.... Sunday Supper.

Well, its been weeks since I started talking about going to Sunday Supper and I'm happy to announce that The Wellness Warrior(Tina) and The Caring Foodie(me) finally made it to Crop Bistro! Yeh! And, yes, it was well worth all of the built-up anticipation. You can get an idea of how cozy and inviting the dining room is from the picture above. I loved the blown-up images of random vegetables which hang above the notty-pine woodwork on the wall. Its a cool mix of modern and traditional. The images are also on each of the tables set under a plate of glass.

As I mentioned in my previous post, The Idiot's Guide to the Sustainable Plate, Sunday Supper is a weekly event that takes place on Sunday's from 5:00 to 9:00 at Crop Bistro. Chef Steve, creates a last minute menu using the foods which he has on hand from the week and his imagination. I love the spontaneity of this concept! Dinner includes a salad, side dishes, entree, and dessert. You select your entree and the rest just appears, family-style. The cost of the entire meal is only $25 which is a great value! Of course, we managed to blow the budget on our wine.... but, you only live once.
My tastebuds were dazzled immediately from the time the bread and butter arrived. This was no ordinary butter. It was light, fluffy and infused with honey and pepper. Sounds like an odd combination, but, somehow it worked. The salad below was also a great combination of every summer fruit you can imagine tossed with some baby greens. Thus, the name, Summer Salad. The beets were a great addition.
Next round was the entrees.. I chose the chicken parmesan at the recommendation of the chef. The fresh tomatoes and balsamic were a nice change from the usual heavy tomato sauce. I had to apologize to Tina at this point for not speaking. I was totally engrossed in my meal.

Tina ordered the seared tuna with heirloom tomatoes and quinoa salad. I think the picture speaks volumes!

Our side dish.

Under that cloud of whipped creeam is our dessert which was a warm berry, dark chocolate tart .

This group next to us was having a blast!

The Sunday night blues don't exist here. What a great way to start the week!

The End...

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  1. I'm still thinking about your chicken-even with the flu! And I really appreciate you not posting the really bad picture of me with 'wine guy"! Cannot wait to go again soon!